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Street & Traffic Signs

3380 W Runkle WAY

Case Date:

There is a stop sign that was knocked down and hasn't been put back up at the T-intersection across from the La Quinta. I have nearly been hit when people haven't stopped where the stop sign used to be. Without it, there is currently a T-intersection with no clear indication of who has the right of way or who has to stop. Please get the stop sign replaced. Thank you!

closed #187322

Nuisance Lights

4270 W 3rd ST

Case Date:

East and west bound traffic have the green light. Then the turn signal will trigger for east bound traffic giving west bound traffic a red light while east bound traffic stays green. Problem being that there isn't a car in the turn lane that needs to turn. This is causing west bound traffic to stop when it shouldn't need to. This has been occurring for 4 or 5 months. I think the motion detection is picking up westbound cars that are turning left into the Stonechase subdivision further down in the suicide lane.

open #187209

Nuisance Lights

4270 W 3rd ST

Case Date:

The turn signal is being triggered when no cars are in the east bound turn lane. West bound traffic routinely has to stop while east bound traffic still has a green.

closed #186742

Street Lights

4270 W 3rd ST

Case Date:

The camera detection for turn lane is malfunctioning. Cameras for detecting traffic in turn lanes are actually detecting traffic going straight (east and west bound). This is causing red lights and triggering turn signals. This is disruptive to traffic, wasting time, and destroying the environment by increasing the amount of time people sit in their car with it running. People are now catching on and just running the red light because the turn signal flashes yellow while the east and west bound traffic has a red for no reason. Nobody is turning.

open #186680


320 W 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

Case Date:

There is a campsite set up on W 3RD Street behind the convention center. in the photo you can see the tent with the convention center behind it. Across the street someone is camping in the doorway of the old Fox Motorcycles door way. There is trash strewn along the sidewalk. This makes it feel unsafe to walk on either side of Third Street between College and Madison. Because of the underpass the space feels constricted adding to the feeling of unease.

closed #185968

Debris Removal

3710 N Armstrong DR

Case Date:

Unsure who to report this to. Our neighbor across the street from us; we are 3710 N Armstrong Dr and they are 3735 N Armstrong Dr; they have broken down cars lined up on the street. Flat tired, packed full of junk and trash, and a huge eyesore. Their yard, all around their house, is littered with trash, furniture and more. There must be ordinances that are against this?! Especially the several dumpy, trashy, some with tarps over them, just lining the street?! Water snd street debris gets trapped under and around them as well, causing a flooded area on that side of the street. Please tell the people at 3735 N Armstrong Dr to clean up and get their broken cars OFF the street.

closed #185427

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

5010 N Harvest CT

Case Date:

The neighbors dog is consistently outside unattended and is aggressive towards the occupants at 5008 Harvest Ct. There have been several close calls with the dog attempting to bite. To establish a record I am asking for assistance. The latest incident was today (9/6/2023) at approximately 8:26. The driver, Jordy Wittmer, provided a video to me of which the attached picture was taken. I am the owner of the home at 5008 and Mr. Wittmer is one of my tenets. You may contact me should you have any questions.

closed #185166

Street & Traffic Signs

2040 N Angelina LN

Case Date:

Angelina Lane does not have a street sign above the stop sign. So our customers are having a hard time finding Angelina Lane.

closed #184775

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

2730 N Smith PIKE

Case Date:

Resident at 2730 N. Smith Pike leaves 2 pitbull mix dogs unattended in non-fenced backyard, dogs are very protective and are often left to roam the neighborhood unleashed and unattended. These dogs are constantly entering multiple neighbors yards, barking, stopping traffic on N. Smith Pike. Someone has already called the Sheriff to speak to owner about this issue.

closed #184693

Street Trees

3043 N Lintel DR

Case Date:

There are two trees on Curry at the westbound corner of 46 and Curry that are protruding into the street. There is another (third) tree at Curry and North Lintel blocking the right-side view to turn from Lintel onto Curry which is a highly trafficked street.