City of Bloomington, Indiana – Kerry Thomson, Mayor

Parking Commission (2 Vacancies)


Type seated
Year Formed 2016
Statutory Name Parking Commission
Website https://bloomington.in.gov/boards/parking
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Email planning@bloomington.in.gov
Phone Number 812-349-3423
401 N Morton St Suite 130 Bloomington IN 47404
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PURPOSE: The purpose of the Parking Commission is, in coordination with decision-makers and other entities as is necessary or prudent: (1) to develop, implement, maintain, and promote a comprehensive policy on parking that takes into account the entirety of, and furthers the objectives of, the city’s comprehensive plan; and (2) to coordinate parking activities, to carry on educational activities in parking matters, to supervise the preparation and publication of parking reports, to receive comments and concerns having to do with parking matters, and to recommend to the common council and to appropriate city officials ways and means for achieving the city’s comprehensive plan objectives through the administration of parking policies and the enforcement of parking regulations.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: One member appointed by the mayor and one member appointed by the common council shall be a merchant owning and operating a business located at an address within the city limits; (2)One member appointed by the mayor shall be a board member or an employee of a non-profit organization which operates at property that is owned or leased by the non-profit organization within the city limits; (3)Four members, one appointed by the mayor and three appointed by the council, shall be residents living within the city limits; (4)One member appointed by the common council shall be from among its membership; and (5)One member appointed by the mayor shall be from within the planning and transportation department, engineering department, or department of public works.

DUTIES: Its powers and duties shall include, but are not limited to: (1)Accessing all data regarding the city's parking inventory, including usage, capital and operating costs, so long as the data is released in a manner consistent with exemptions from disclosure of public records set forth in Indiana Code § 5-14-3-4; (2)Reviewing the performance of all meters, lots, garages, and neighborhood zones in the city's parking inventory, and reviewing the performance of all divisions of city departments devoted specifically to parking management; (3)Making recommendations on parking policy, including but not limited to: pricing, hours of operation, addition or removal of parking spaces, and changes when necessary to city code, enforcement procedures, or any other aspect of parking management policy; (4)Submitting an annual report of its activities and programs to the mayor and council by October of each year; (5)Adopting rules and regulations for the conduct of its business; and (6)Applying for appropriations through the mayor, or researching and applying for grants, gifts, or other funds from public or private agencies, for the purpose of carrying out any of the provisions of this section.

TIME COMMITMENT: 1.5 hours per month


Meeting Schedule

At least once a month

Statute Citation


Planning & Transportation


Departmental Karina Pazos