City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor

Community Advisory on Public Safety Commission (7 Vacancies)


Type seated
Year Formed 2020
Website https://bloomington.in.gov/council/public-safety-advisory
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The CAPS Commission’s goal is to increase the safety of all Bloomington community members, especially those often marginalized due to race, disability, gender, sexual identity, or sexual orientation.

The CAPS Commission will perform research and gather data on the perceptions and preferences about public safety from community members, with specific focus on data gathered from minority community members, individuals who are disabled, and other often marginalized community members. The CAPS Commission will research evidence-based alternatives to traditional policing, identify best practices in public safety globally and evaluate the efficacy of such practices for implementation in Bloomington, and will make recommendations to the Common Council, the Board of Public Safety, and/or the Mayor or the Mayor’s designee on policies and programs that enhance public safety for all community members.

The CAPS Commission will be composed of 11 voting members appointed by the Common Council. Each member shall have one vote and shall serve without compensation.

Meeting Schedule

The Commission typically meets on the first Monday each month. Committees convene as needed

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