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Jessica Fletcher is a super cute and sweet, female, 5 month old kitten with brown and black tabby markings. She is a super sleuth, like her namesake, who's always looking to solve mysteries and to experience new adventures! She is very playful, outgoing and kind. Jessica has been here for 104 days, and in foster care for 90 of those because she has a special medical need. When she arrived, her right eye was very inflamed, and so she had surgery to repair her cornea. The eye is currently not causing her pain, and we believe she probably cannot see out of it, but that doesn't dampen her spirits at all! If the eye causes her issues in the future, it may need to be removed. functions just fine and can romp and play with the best of 'em!

Jessica Fletcher is:

Breed Domestic Short Hair
Sex Female
Age 20 weeks.
Size Large
Special NeedsSpecial Needs
Code C1906755