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Page last updated on January 6, 2021 at 8:41 am

Monroe County Animal Management- The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Management officers are special Deputy Sheriffs who respond to animal-related complaints and issues within Monroe County, outside of Bloomington City Limits.

(812)349-2585  or Monroe County Animal Management website


Monroe County Humane Association- low cost minor medical care, vaccinations, microchipping, advocating and education resources.

(812)333-6242 or


Pets Alive nonprofit spay/neuter clinic- Pets Alive works closely with area shelters and individuals to prevent pet overpopulation issues in south central Indiana.  The spay/neuter clinic offers drastically reduced cost sterilization surgeries (including free spay/neuters for feral and community cats in Monroe County!), as well as microchipping, vaccinations, and a wellness clinic..

(812)349-1349 or


Feral Cat Friends- This all volunteer organization offers assistance with Trap-Neuter-Return and feral cat resources.  Cats who have lived their lives predominantly outdoors often do not fair well being relocated or brought into homes. Because of this they face euthanasia in a shelter setting.  Feral Cat Friends promotes trapping the cats, having them spayed or neutered, and then releasing them back into the locations where they already have food and shelter to live out their lives.  This tactic leads to a decrease in stray cat numbers in the community, less nuisance issues with cats, and frees up resources for the Animal Shelter., or