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Page last updated on February 7, 2023 at 2:53 pm

We know you love your pet. We also know that sometimes life can throw us curveballs.  When these cause you to find your beloved pet a new home, we would like to be there to help.  Bloomington has several non-profits that would love to assist you to keep your pet.  Please check out the resources below.

Prior to surrendering your pet to the shelter, please consider listing your pet for rehoming on our website.  We will post the dog and information on our website and our partner websites (Adopt-a-Pet, Petfinder).  Potential new owners will contact you directly and you can find the best fit for your beloved pet.  To participate in this program fill out the Courtesy Posting form.  If you have questions or photos that you would like to have accompany your posting please email

Owner surrenders are being scheduled by appointment.  This gives us the best possible outcomes for your pet and helps us avoid unnecessary euthanasia.  Please fill out our surrender form to be placed on our waiting list.  A staff member will contact you for more information and to set up a surrender appointment.

If you are unable to fill out the form or are in need of urgent assistance,call the shelter at 812-349-3492, opt. 2.

Before surrendering your pet:

Consider accessing some of these great resources Bloomington has to keep your pets with you and out of the shelter.

The Monroe County Humane Association offers medical care at their Non-profit Veterinary Clinic. The Monroe County Humane Association also supplies dog and cat food for residents experiencing financial difficulties. To learn more about services please visit their website:

Pets Alive offers Low Cost Vaccinations and Spaying and Neutering Services. To learn more about services please visit their website:

While we strongly discourage the use of social media and craglist to rehome pets.  In addition to our website, there are other national websites dedicated to the safe rehoming of owned animals. These are a few that we recommend exploring.


Get your Pet

Rehome Your Pets

Once your surrender appointment is made, please fill out the appropriate documents below.  Bring these as well as any documents that you possess concerning your pet (veterinary documents, microchip information, adoption documents, etc.)

Cat Profile - Google form link, hard copy below

Dog Profile - Google form link, hard copy below

While the shelter will not turn animals away regardless of health or behavior reasons, we are not able to place all animals up for adoption due to the health and safety of our community.  If you feel that your animal has serious issues that may require euthanasia, please call 812-349-3492 to speak with a staff member.