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Timetrack is an open-source and open-hardware digital timekeeping system. 

Timetrack provides two main modes for interacting with the system: web-based calendar entry and badge-based clock entry. 

Web-based calendar entry interface:

Web-based calendar entry interface

The badge-based clock entry system utilizes the same RFID badges that employees have for the door access system:

time clock at adams street


Timetrack supports the many different types of employees that work at the City of Bloomington, whether they're full-time, part-time, union, non-union, single job, multiple jobs, etc. 

We consider this a spiritual successor to Kuali's KPME solution. We deployed Kuali KPME for our timekeeping solution initially, but our development team was not able to maintain or improve the code base. Given that the rest of the Kuali community had abandoned KPME, we took the ideas and concepts that worked well and created Timetrack.