City of Bloomington, Indiana

closed: Resolved #125186

Trash: Complaint

Letter: Accumulation of trash and various items in a neglected water-filled swimming pool and surrounding pavement area.

Assigned to
Norman Mosier

Most tickets of this type should be closed within 9 days, although some cases may be longer. 13 days have already passed.


3/12/2012 17:09:59 Closed by Norman Mosier

DB, 03/12/2012 Trash issue resolved

3/2/2012 05:00:00 Norman Mosier followed up on this ticket

Issued warning ticket on 03/01/2012. Monroe County Solid Waste Mgmt. also issued ticket same time. Will monitor.

2/28/2012 05:00:00 Norman Mosier inspected this Location

DB, Took another picture of back yard, pool. Trash and debris are floating on the water of the pool. Will monitor.

2/27/2012 19:02:25 Anonymous assigned this case to Norman Mosier

2/27/2012 19:02:25 Opened by Anonymous

2400 E Boston RD


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