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Other: When the oil(?) storage tanks where removed from the lot across from the back of Seminary Square shopping center (Kroger's, Peach Garden), what was revealed was another brown brick building to the south that has a "smokestack". The north side of this building is COVERED in hideous graffiti and is is -right on- the B-Line walkway as it meanders south. This building looks like it is a real business but it is hard to tell. Was it the building/business associated with the oil tanks? The defacement was easy for vandals to do when the oil tanks were in place but they would be spotted now so maybe something -can be done about it-? Especially since it is right on a signature urban success, the B-Line.

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John Hewett
Are you a property owner/manager
Graffiti is on
Is this area constantly plagued by graffiti?
If so, is it always the same kind of graffiti (political, idealogical, offensive, tags, etc?)
The huge amount of defacement was revealed when the white rusted oil tanks were removed.
Would you like to be contacted


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4/23/2014 10:36:35 Closed by John Hewett

I have contacted both the complainant and the owner. there is no Code giving me enforcement ability on this.

4/23/2014 10:35:20 John Hewett followed up on this ticket

I have spoken to the owner. this is in the early stages of development. He will address the graffiti when it is feasible.

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this is out of our target area

4/3/2014 11:12:01 Barry Wallock inspected this Location

out of target area. will refer to hand

4/3/2014 05:34:33 mike stienston assigned this case to Barry Wallock

Barry check this out, I believe it is out of the target area

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203 W 1st ST


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