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Phone Call: Mr Garner called to report standing water and erosion in the creek behind his house. He said the culverts under the road are about 8" higher than the ground so water stands here. He thinks it needs to be filled in and more rock added.

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Kathleen Powell


6/25/2014 08:58:30 Closed by Kathleen Powell

CBU supervisor is going to add rip rap around the pipe as soon as possible. I called and notifed the customer

6/18/2014 16:40:32 Jane Fleig assigned this case to Kathleen Powell

Kathy- could you please create a work order for Tony to add some additional rip rap where it is eroded at the upstream end of the pipes under Wylie Farm Rd? Please let me know if you have any questions.

6/18/2014 16:36:35 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I called Mr Garner to let him know I had visited the site and would have our crews add a little more rip rap at the pipe openings to get it back up to grade but anything beyond that would be his responsibility to take care of. It is in a drainage easement but that does not mean it is the city's responsibility to maintain. He appreciated the call and said he understood.

6/17/2014 16:34:46 Jane Fleig inspected this Location

I visited the site and noted some erosion and lack of rip rap near the upstream end of the pipes but no standing water. There is standing water farther north, into his property.

6/17/2014 13:13:15 Jane Fleig followed up on this ticket

I returned his call and told him I would look at it and get back with him.

6/17/2014 13:12:49 Jane Fleig assigned this case to Jane Fleig

6/17/2014 13:12:49 Opened by Jane Fleig

2146 S White Tail RUN

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