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Other: For the past 2 days one of my neighbors dogs has been outside barking/howling has no shelter form of shelter, no access to food and water, neighbors haven't been there or haven't been there long enough to take care of him. His dog cable has been caught up in twigs and such so its all tangled up. Its not the first time this has happen back during the summer they did this to him. I think someone should seriously check into this. He was in the pouring down rain today, and its now getting cold because of temp. dropping. Please have someone check on him! the address is 918 N Woodburn Ave. he is chained to the back porch. Thanks!


10/8/2014 09:37:11 Closed by Laurie Ringquist

Officer spoke to owner who said dog is not hers and will be going back to original owner. Will continue to patrol

10/8/2014 09:36:27 Laurie Ringquist contacted Anonymous

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900-998 North Woodburn Avenue


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