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Other: I live at the corner of 14th and Woodburn. I have called the police 2x in the past month or so. about cars parking in the yellow which is kind of faded, but also where the sidewalk is for you to cross. if people are coming off the dead end hill of woodburn you cant see around if someone parks there, and with 14th street not having to stop and it being busy this is dangerous. Not to mention 3 school buses pick and drop kids off there. Some of the buses have to make the turn off left on to 14th street which makes it difficult for them if someone is parked there. I hate having to call the police everytime as they are busy I am sure. But its starting to be an everyday problem. I shouldn't have to go around a car just to get my kid on and off the bus when I am clearly in the cross walk area of the sidewalk. I would like to see the curb painted again, and maybe a no parking from here to corner since it is dangerous for us who are coming off the hill to see around. Also maybe an increase in patrol in this area to deter people from parking there. Thanks Ashley

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Painted curb 4/24/15; citizen notified.

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900-998 North Woodburn Avenue


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