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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers):

Other: I have traveled High Street between Arden Rd. and 3rd Street twice a day for the last ten years. Every time there is a heavy rain, water accumulates and flows down High Street between E. Mores Pike and 2nd St. forcing me to move to the other lane to avoid going through large amounts of water creating a very unsafe situation. I was delighted to see this section of High Street repaved last summer and noticed the sewers also being worked on. I assumed, incorrectly, that the runoff problem would be corrected during this maintenance project. Since the paving the runoff has actually gotten worse. Are there plans to fix this unsafe situation so cars can travel safely on High Street without endangering drivers and pedestrians? I regularly see in the Herald Times where is city is allocating and spending money on hiking and biking trails, sidewalks and various pedestrian conveniences. Why don’t we spend some of that money on making our streets safe and passable? Looking forward to your reply, Franklin Lograsso Bloomington cc: David Rollo

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I sent an email response to the constituent.

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I sent the following by email to Mr Lograsso: Mr Lograsso, I received your Ureport regarding drainage on High St between Moores Pike and 2nd Street. Unfortunately this is an older area of town that was developed with limited storm sewer infrastructure. We have studied the drainage area and see numerous issues that unfortunately will take a very large, multi-departmental project to rebuild the road, curbs and sidewalks in order to adequately handle the drainage and accommodate the necessary storm sewer infrastructure. Certainly we have tried to make improvements in small areas, but as you point out, the entire stretch of High Street requires improvements. The Utilities Department and Public Works Department have discussed this numerous times but have been unable to move forward for numerous reasons including the huge expense and issues associated with extensive reconstruction of a high volume connector street. We will continue our discussions but I know there is nothing substantial planned for High Street in the current capital improvement plans. Thanks so much, Jane Fleig, PE Utilities Engineer City of Bloomington Utilities

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