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Other: Good afternoon, I am writing to report an issue with water drainage coming from the roofs of houses and dumping on to the sidewalk. Along N. Indiana Ave, many houses/apartments (owned by Elkins Apartments) have drainage downspouts that empty directly on to the sidewalk. This creates a hazard with constant freeze and thew during the winter months. I have personally felt unsafe walking down a sloped sidewalk, on what is pure ice during periods this winter. Indiana Ave. is a very high foot traffic area during winter months as fans walk to and from basketball games. From witnessing several people slip and fall on the ice, I feel like it is my duty as a citizen to report this issue to the city. Though we have been blessed this season with relatively mild temperatures, this does not overshadow the safety hazard created from the downspouts off many of these houses. This problem would ideally need to be handled quickly before the next cold spell of weather. Thank you. Best regards


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downspouts have been relocated.

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https://bloomington.in.gov/crm/tickets/view?ticket_id=158156 Closed by Russell White downspouts have been relocated.

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1107 N Indiana AVE

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