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Other: On Thursday 3/11, the homeowner's recycling bin blew over and trash fell out. The neighbor has left the trash in their driveway and yard since thursday. Much of it's now gone as it's blowing into other people's yards.

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Kenneth Liford

Most tickets of this type should be closed within 9 days, although some cases may be longer. 1 days have already passed.


3/17/2021 08:07:35 Closed by Kenneth Liford

Trash cans were away from the curb when I arrived. Will monitor area and issue citations if needed.

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https://bloomington.in.gov/crm/tickets/view?ticket_id=175111 Anonymous assigned this case to Brent Pierce You can use the link to follow progress on this case.

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https://bloomington.in.gov/crm/tickets/view?ticket_id=175111 Opened by Anonymous Dear Constituent: Thank you for submitting information to us via uReport. We value your input and hope that we will be able to address your questions and concerns. HAND neighborhood compliance officers will inspect the property and determine if the cited trash at this property is in violation of Bloomington Municipal Code 6.06.070 (a). In the event of a violation, the neighborhood compliance officer will issue a Notice of Violation to the property owners via first class mail and by placing a copy of the violation on the property. After the Notice of Violation is issued, the property owner and/or tenant has seven (7) days to bring the property into compliance. If the property is not brought into compliance within the initial seven (7) days, the inspector may go to daily tickets. Thank you, HAND staff

2232 S Olde Mill CT

Neighborhood AssociationWinslow Farms

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