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Phone Call: This involves Heatherwood Trailer Court. Under new management; tenants used to get indv. bills from CBU; now comes from management of Park; water bills are very high and seem to have no relation to how many people live in residences, i.e. 60-yr. old lady lives alone and water bill for 1 month was $69; another family of 4 was $19. Residents are afraid of manager; afraid of being evicted. Can we help?


5/23/1997 05:00:00 Anonymous inspected this Location

Talked to Ed in Meter Services at Utilities. The management at Heatherwood wanted to better track their water, so they installed individual meters for the trailers and bill accordingly. CBU still has one master meter at Leonard Springs Road, and bills the management for the whole park on one bill.

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3650 S Leonard Springs RD

TownshipVan Buren

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