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closed #168859

Excessive Growth

350 W 11th ST

Case Date:

A resident reported an overgrowth of weeds on Madison Street just north of 11th, over the bridge. Weeds are encroaching on the sidewalk which affects accessibility of the path. Duke has already been contacted and has taken care of their share of the weeds.

closed #168771

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2233 N Browncliff LN

Case Date:

Potholes are reported on this street, down the hill from this address.

closed #166380


812 S Gatewood DR

Case Date:

The tree on the street has significant low hanging branches and needs to be maintained/trimmed. There are also other trees on this block with some dead branches that should also be maintained/trimmed as some branches have fallen over the past year.

closed #166378


908 S Larkspur LN

Case Date:

Excessive trash on the south side of the house and trash in the yard

closed #164814


Case Date:

Individual at event requested officer to take a look at 1051 N Oolitic for trash, specifically needles to see if there was any clean-up HAND could mandate.

closed #156155


509-513 South Highland Avenue

Case Date:

Complaint about trash piled on the sidewalk.

closed #146193

Unsafe Buildings

W 12th ST

Case Date:

burned out house, unsafe, 1300 block of W.12th

closed #134035

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

S Woodscrest DR

Case Date:

885 S Woodscrest Dr. 9-6-13 Mr Debruicker saw me working on Woodscrest and asked me if I could look over a washed out area in the grass ditch along his property frontage at 885 S Woodscrest Dr.

closed #132961


Case Date:

A constituent complained to a Councilmember that the Polly Grimshaw trail is badly overgrown and there are several places on the end east of Pete Ellis that are nearly impassable. The constituent said that it would be impossible for two oncoming cyclists to pass each other. Constituent said that sight distances are very poor and the west end "looks like someone went through with a machete about a month ago and took out some of the overgrowth (leaving the remains all over the trail)." The constituent requests that the immediate concern with overgrowth be addressed and that this trail be put on a regular maintenance schedule.

closed #128640

Potholes, Other Street Repair

W 4th ST

Case Date:

Owner of 111 W. 4th Street is concerned about north/south/alley between 4th and 3rd (runs along west side of 4th St. parking garage). Some repairs made by city and Duke Energy, she thinks, but not properly paved.