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Parks & Playgrounds

Switchyard Park

Case Date:

Resident sent a letter complaining about the quality of speakers at Switchyard Park. She is a violinist in the BSO. She suggested replacing the speakers so that the quality of the music can better be appreciated.

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224 S Maple ST

Case Date:

Trash behind the property of 224 S Maple Street

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1533 S Arbors LN

Case Date:

Accumulation of trash and broken furniture on ground. 1533 E Moores Pike The Arbors

closed #170741


927 N Fairview ST

Case Date:

closed #170191

Traffic Suggestions

1497 S State Road 446

Case Date:

Resident reported low visibility and dangerous traffic conditions at the caution light over the intersection of State Road 446 and Moores Pike, asked after the possibility of a stoplight at the intersection to improve safety.

closed #166760

Sidewalk Requests

4301 E Sheffield DR

Case Date:

We received a request from a young woman living in Park Ridge East. She is concerned that there is no sidewalk on Sheffield Drive between Plymouth Road and Park Ridge Road as this is a path for children to walk to Park Ridge East Park. The bus picks up children in this area and they have no where to wait for the bus.

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900 W Cascade AVE

Case Date:

Tree falling onto neighboring property.

closed #153952

City Performance

Case Date:

6/23/16 To: John Hamilton Mayor I hope the Taste of Bloomington was a big success. It was bad news for the laborers who set up the tents. Southside Rental who employed them did not pay them. They had some excuses. These are folks who really need the money. It reflects badly on the city that those at the lowest level do not get paid promptly. I hope you will tell Southside that they give the city a bad name. Bloomington is a great city and the Taste of Bloomington has gone on well for many years. Thanks, Robert P. Muldoon 501 N. Bell Trace Dr. Bloomington, IN 47408

closed #153928


Case Date:

Veda Stanfield is concerned about the substation. Response via letter thanking her for reaching out and assuring her we're taking these concerns into consideration. Address: 627 W. 7th St. Bloomington IN 47404

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Case Date:

New Voices Opera group wrote to thank the mayor for the funds they received through a recent grant they were awarded. Mayor wanted to thank them for the thank-you note and wish them luck.