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Traffic Related Complaints

3321 N Kinser PIKE

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The high speeds cars drive on Kinser Pike are crazy fast and it's any time of day (morning, evening, middle of the night). I'm honestly afraid for my 3 year old's life as much as I keep her out of the road. The hill/blind spots before my house really worry me. I don't know if we could have more patrols out here or a speed check sign. I know there was a school speed limit sign in my neighbors yard that has since disappeared.

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Case Date:

This is Nick Ponzo, hes a 21 year old male, who added me. He then proceeded to ask my age, location, and what I look like. After I told him he then proceeded to ask if I liked older men. Too which I did not say, after he said 21. My brother took a picture of his face, and told him he will contact the police. Nick is located in Bloomington Indiana.

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Traffic Related Complaints

201 S Hillsdale DR

Case Date:

Many cars heading North and South on Hillsdale are exceeding the 25 MPH speed limit, making it dangerous for pedestrians, bicyclist, and cars backing out of driveways. I'm not sure what the best solution for this is.

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Traffic Related Complaints

Case Date:

Excessive speeding up and down Maxwell Street

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Abandoned Vehicle

1310 W Woodhill DR

Case Date:

Vehicle with three flat tires and no rear bumper parked in front of this home for over a month.

closed #185817

Abandoned Vehicle

623 S Washington ST

Case Date:

This vehicle has been in this location for at least a month. It is covered in debris.

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1975 S High St, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA

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Can we do *anything* to address all the speeding on High Street? It's out of control! Some of those speeders are coming from Renwick. We have proven this. We are NOT A RACETRACK. We have children using that new path.

closed #185668

Traffic Related Complaints

2035 W Allen ST

Case Date:

Speeding car coming off Bloomfield rd and then going faster approx 50+ down Allen st

closed #185640

Fire Hazards

Case Date:

I need help Jordan neck is almost severed and 780 gang hits

open #185627

Parking on Unimproved Surface

521 E Grimes LN

Case Date:

Numerous junk vehicles at this location that meet the city code description of "abandoned" City code 15.04.020 section 6 - vehicles more than three years old that have not moved for 20 days that are in public view. They are not even registered! 2 of these vehicles are parked on unimproved surfaces - also this property is a junk yard.