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I am emailing to request a target date we will be required to vacate our space. Warrant Technologies currently resides in the Showers Building at 320 W. 8th St, Suite 207 Bloomington, IN 47404. We have been verbally notified by three different city representatives, one of which was the deputy mayor, that will be required to move out prior to end of our lease. We have inquired each time – When will we be required to move? No response has been provided to date. This is having a detrimental impact to our ability to support our customers. We cannot plan for / execute upgrades needed to include facility security measures, classified holding capability, expanded connectivity to include classified connection, cooling, alarms, and additional access control. Warrant needs an answer to the following questions; • Will we be required to move out? • If yes, when will we be required to move? • If no, will we be able to exercise our lease option years? V/R, Mike Michael Norris Warrant Technologies, LLC Showers Plaza 320 W. 8th St, Suite 207 Bloomington, IN 47404 Office: 812 676 1384 Cell: 812 361 6721

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207 S College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

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The Back Door is having adult entertainment and are in a area not zoned for adult entertainment. To my understanding, that is not allowed at their location. Please stop this before everyone is doing it.

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City Performance

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Can someone from the city comment on what private property owners can do with scooters abandoned, left, or staged on their property? Calls to the scooter companies to have these moved are not often met with a prompt response.

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207 S College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

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The Back Door has been having topless dancers and it is not in a zoned area for adult business.

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Food Truck Issues

2526 S Rogers ST

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Are they licensed by city to sell food from their 2 food trucks? Neighbors want to know.

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350 W 7th ST

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On most Saturdays, corresponding with the Bton Farmers Mkt, I've seen MuddyFork farm selling food at the corner of 7th and the Bline. This is hippocritical at best given their opposition to participating in the Market in past years, yet they are clearly profiting from market traffic while other farmers rent their space. But i wonder if it is also in violation of permitting for businesses, specifically locating mobile food vending that close to a public event, a crosswalk (there was a line going into the street and bline), and on what could be private property (not sure if they have a permission to be there). This seems very unfair to farmers and the city and could actually be unsafe. Hope you can look into it. Thank you,

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Wheeler Mission 400 one does not have sprinkler system, concerned about his safety. Also, they need to hire someone to clean West 3rd Street. Always dirty in the mornings. Trash cans needed at Bus stop. some of the stops don't have one.

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Parking Garages

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New idea/request for City consideration: Currently all of the city's EV chargers are in paid garages, which contrains their use by city employees, county employees, dimension mill members, and local business employees that already have a paid city parking permit for downtown surface parking. MANY more people would likely use the EV chargers if they didn't have to double-pay (downtown parking pass + parking garage hourly rates) to use the chargers. Can you create a system that allows employes and patrons with downtown surface parking permits to use the available chargers without paying for their monthly/annual permit, paying for charger use, and also paying for hourly parking to get access to the garaged chargers? The current system creates a significant disincentive to use the City's daytime-generated solar power for EV charging, as numerous communters that park downtown are not by default paying for garage access (but are already effectively paying for other/surface parking spots). Thank you for the consideration! Joel

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Hello, Mr. Hamilton. I have a student graduating from IU next fall. We put our names on a waitlist for Hilton Hotel two years prior. We just received the quote for the three night stay---3,000 which does not include parking or taxes. I wrote them and said this is highway robbery. We thought it would go to 500 per night and expected 1500 rates for the 3 days, however, them going up to 900-1000 plus a night is uncalled for. The sales manager, Diana Thomas, at Hilton Garde Inn wrote me back and said it is 'unfortunately, a market thing with occupancy going way up at graduation driving market.' I understand that rooms are in demand....that is why we booked two years ago. However, do you think, as mayor of your town, that upping the room rate to 900-1,000 per night....which is about a 400-500% increase is reasonable? I think this is something to be looked into. There has to be some sort of regulation or assistance in this college town. As parents, we are already flying in, going to your restaurants, paying for school/tuition and paying for housing and groceries for our kids. This is complete greed and gouging to me and I wanted to make you aware. (Sadly, we and our 6 other parent groups had to cancel due to this unreal price hike.) Thank you for reading. (Which I do hope you, as the mayor read this and not an assistant or tech person.) Appreciate that. -Wendy Deutsch

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Smoking Violation

123 S Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

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The Bishop Bar allows heavy cigarette smoking outside within their fenced in area. I've observed this on multiple occasions, especially in the later night hours. Perhaps they need reminder of the city ordinance that disallows this to remember to enforce it.