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Biking & Walking

1016 S Highland AVE

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I had an unpleasant near miss biking the small connector trail that Weatherstone down to Highland Ave. At the bottom of the hill, a scooter was on its side, in the middle of the pathway. It was not visible until almost right on top of it, and I came close to wiping out. The city needs to find a solution to scooters that are abandoned haphazardly on sidewalks and bike trails. This is not the first incident I've had, and certainly won't be the last. Eventually someone will get seriously hurt.

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Are restaurants with parklets allowed to keep non customers off of their tables? Tap says the tables in the street, in the public right of way, are only for their customers. That does not seem right.

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114 S Indiana AVE

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Turn the music down. Speakers outside blasting music. (even if the music was good, it would be annoying)

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1500 S Strong DR

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Loud industrial noises all through the day and night. Police said they cannot do anything because this is a business. Constant noise can be heard clearly from nearby apartments (especially southernmost apartments of The Willows Townhouses and Hilltop Court apartments), and even homes 0.5 miles away in Westpoint neighborhood. Advised that this is a batch production that the business Organized Living started on Monday and will continue through Thursday. This is not the first time they have done this days' long process that interrupts both sleep and daytime sanity. Machine in question is outdoors and at the northwest corner of the building, nearest to the populated area.

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629 N Fairview ST

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Can someone please look into the businesses that are operating out of 629 N. Fairview? Red Tire Taxi received a Rapid Response Fund loan of $12,000 in 2020 for being in the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Zone. I am in my third year of almost daily walking past that building at a wide variety of hours and have only seen a vehicle with a Red Tire Taxi sticker on it once and that was in the summer of 2019. There are two different tow truck company trucks in and out and the majority of the vehicles in their two lots are in some state of serious disrepair. The same vehicles with missing windows are there from when I first moved into this neighborhood in 2019. Is this a junk yard? If it is a junkyard, is there ordinance language around having fences around them? There are vehicles parked on grass in the back as well. If you look up the business registration for that address there is only one business listed and that is called Bloomington Extreme Auto (which is also the business used to perform the safety inspection on Red Tire Taxi's vehicles for the business license), and they were administratively dissolved in 2018. It is an unpleasant area to have a part of daily life, and seems illegitimate in at least one way, if not more. Please look into it. Thank you.

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It has come to my attention that Indiana University is still in the year of 2022 burning coal to generate steam for heating, cooling, and processes, such as cooking or for research uses. As of 2019, the university stated on their website that they were burning 60,000 tons of coal each year, but currently there is no mention on the Facility Operation's website of coal. A quick phone call confirmed they are still burning coal but they declined to share how much they are burning. The residents of Bloomington and the surrounding areas, as well as those who work in Bloomington, are being exposed to that dirty, toxic pollution. Are there any plans to address that source of pollution being generated within the city limits of Bloomington? In the Climate Action Plan there is mention of Duke Energy's lingering archaic dependence on coal, but no mention of what IU is doing. So what is the plan? Thank you.

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480 N Morton ST

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Testing whether the issue with Ureport on phones is fixed

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Line of Sight

301 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

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Please do not allow food trucks on Kirkwood to block line of sight to stop signs along Kirkwood. One afternoon we witnessed at least six cars run the stop sign at Kirkwood and Lincoln because a food truck obstruction vision of the stop sign at that corner. There were a couple of near-misses with pedestrians and other cars with ROW. I love food trucks, but let's either move the stop signs further out or ban the food trucks from blocking view of the stop signs on the corners. (Keep them on the east side of each block).

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3508 E Park LN

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Citizen called to complain that neighbor is operating a business out of his home in a residential area. Neighbor has signs, increased traffic and has blocked the street with his trailers. Other residents are concerned and she wanted to know how to tell them to file a ureport.