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closed #179943

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2222 E 3rd ST

Case Date:

Resident reports 2-3 spots in need of repair near the intersection of 3rd St and Bryan Ave.

closed #179933

Potholes, Other Street Repair

501 W Terry LN

Case Date:

Resident reports several potholes near the intersection of 17th and Kinser, requests filling.

closed #179932

Debris Removal

315 W 17th ST

Case Date:

Resident reports debris washed out from recent storms on 17th Street from Walnut to Dunn, requests removal.

closed #179904

Potholes, Other Street Repair

2106 E 2nd ST

Case Date:

Resident reports multiple potholes at the intersection of 2nd Street and High Street.

closed #179401

Debris Removal

612 E 1st ST

Case Date:

Resident reports downed fencing blocking an alleyway on the North side of 1st Street Between Henderson and Fess, requests removal or notice to property owners.

closed #178421

City Construction Projects

Case Date:

Mike Morris (917-538-5927) called about a tree that fell on the multi-use path handrail on Rogers, just east of High. He mentioned it happened months ago and wanted to know when it will be repaired.

open #178318


114 N Walnut ST

Case Date:

Obscene Graffiti on the ground at the corner of the used bookstore and alleyway.

closed #178152

Debris Removal

3301 N Ramble Road CT

Case Date:

Resident reports downed tree in Blue Ridge neighborhood on Ramble Road Court (no specific address given). Resident expresses concern that the tree may become a driving hazard at nighttime.

closed #177901

Street & Traffic Signs

527 E 7th ST

Case Date:

Resident reports that the stop sign at the intersection of 7th and Indiana is on the left side of the road and believes that it is against regulations to not have one on the right side. Additionally, resident reports that the stop sign at 7th and Woodlawn is also not in compliance due to exceeding height limitations. The resident expressed his concern that there would be traffic accidents because of the home football game if these signs were not adjusted.

closed #177793

Traffic Suggestions

3108 S Coppertree DR

Case Date:

Very concerned about traffic along Rogers between the two roundabouts (High St and Sare Rd). Is often bumper-to-bumper around 5p and worried about kids/older people walking, especially coming out of The Stands or the Sherwood Oaks Church. Would traffic-calming devices be considered here? Or, minimally, signs to slow down traffic?