City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #180040


1700 S Maxwell ST

Case Date:

case # 179926 was closed but not resoled still not mowed

closed #179926


1700 S Maxwell ST

Case Date:

high grass never mowed

closed #178151

Blocked Street

1835 S Highland AVE

Case Date:

A tree is blocking the street is backing up traffic

closed #178052

Unsafe Buildings

1511 S Huntington DR

Case Date:

Complainer claims property unsafe. Unclear what he refers to in his speech.

open #177963

Abandoned Vehicle

802 E Hillside DR

Case Date:

At 802 E. Hillside Dr, there is a abandoned white sedan. I believe it’s a 1990’s Honda Civic. It’s parked in the side yard as well. Visible from the road.

closed #177484

Water Quality

1120 E Thornton DR

Case Date:

About a week after the taste and smell of tap water became like dirt, very organic, I began having loose stool. Last night I bought gallons of water from Kroger because the issue has only gotten worse. I've read that Lake Monroe is experiencing algal blooms, and this document by the epa indicates that this could be a problem, therefore I am reporting this for the safety of the community. https://www.epa.gov/sites/default/files/2016-11/documents/harmful_algal_blooms_and_drinking_water_factsheet.pdf

closed #177349

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

1916 S Highland AVE

Case Date:

The driveway apron is in disrepair. It looks like the city had paved this area at one point in time, but it has started breaking apart. Is this something the city would take care of, or is it the homeowner's responsibility? Please let me know either way. Thanks!

closed #177308

Potholes, Other Street Repair

716 E Hillside DR

Case Date:

box of wood screws on roadway, on north side of hillside

closed #177053

Street Trees

1712 S Huntington DR

Case Date:

low-hanging tree branch (broken?), buses have been hitting it; may not be much of a problem as a few days ago.

closed #176925


1855 S Covey LN

Case Date:

This trash container, on the west side of S Covey Lane, in Front of the Life Designs duplexes, has been on the side of the road for several weeks. Not sure if the person moved or if they have just stopped bringing it back after pickup.