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open #180292


2974 N Lakewood CT

Case Date:

There are mattresses, a small dresser, trash and broken down vehicle parked/abandoned at the northern trailhead on Dunn St. My neighbor says he saw a tent and campsite in the trail early this morning as well. I don't mind the squatter camping, but the excessive trash is unacceptable.

closed #180187

Potholes, Other Street Repair

421 E Blue Ridge DR

Case Date:

Ground washed away from under the street - hole extends about a foot.

closed #179999

Water Utility Problems

2936 N Bankers DR

Case Date:

Mowing service hit the water meter with the mower on 5/22/22. Needs to be replaced.

closed #179679

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

510 E Lakewood DR

Case Date:

In November the city engineering team came out and added a new side inlet to an existing drain that goes under Dunn street from the back of 2950 N Lakewood. However, the only erosion prevention put in place was some straw. With all the nearby honeysuckle/plant removal the recent storms have caused a lot of the nearby dirt (and straw) to move and now the drain is almost completely filled with dirt and debris that has entered in the last couple rain storms. I tried reaching out a few times (Kriste L and Phil P) this past winter but haven't seen anything put in to help hold the dirt in place until some plants/grasses grow in. The water flow is certainly much improved with the new inlet, but in my opinion the job is just not quite complete.

closed #178831

Abandoned Vehicle

2840 N Blue Slopes DR

Case Date:

Black VW beetle with 4 flat tires parked in the street has not moved in over a year.

open #178474

Blocked Street

3124 N Ramble RD E

Case Date:

There is a parked trailer in the street, without sufficient reflection or license plates. I do not know who owns it but it has been there for months. It is moved a few feet either way on occasion, but it presents a major safety issue at night and is quite unsightly for a residential neighborhood.

closed #178290

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

3019 N Ramble RD W

Case Date:

A part of the curb is sinking right above my sewer line which leads from my house, under the street and connects to the city sewer line. I'm concerned that the collapse of the curb will break my sewer line which I am responsible for. Please send someone to assess the cituation. Thank you.

closed #178152

Debris Removal

3301 N Ramble Road CT

Case Date:

Resident reports downed tree in Blue Ridge neighborhood on Ramble Road Court (no specific address given). Resident expresses concern that the tree may become a driving hazard at nighttime.

closed #177862

Drainage or Runoff

2711 N Dunn ST

Case Date:

Hello, I reported water coming into our yard before.(uReport Case #177856) Your answer was that it was probably coming from neighbor's pool. That pool is to the southwest and they do indeed drain it into the yard, but it is not the source of water coming from uphill, close to properties on Clover on the northwest side of the yard. The water comes from somewhere close to 400 Clover Lane. As the property line and utility easement are wooded and covered with vegetation it is difficult to tell where the water originates, but it is clearly outside of our yard. I would be glad to discuss this and my concerns with you: 812-955-8220; or to meet with someone and show them where and what the problem is. Thanks, Ginny Richey

closed #177856

Drainage or Runoff

2711 N Dunn ST

Case Date:

The northwest corner of our yard has been inundated with water for the past several weeks. There is standing water as well as super-saturated ground. The water appears to originate from the utility strip between properties toward Clover. This does not appear to be related to rain or storm events. The water drains to the south, but the amount present doesn't lessen. This makes us think there is a leak in either a water main or a storm drain or another source. The saturation leads to worries about the mature trees along the property line coming over. The ground is boggy and one cannot walk or mow in this area. Your attention to this will be appreciated.