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closed #181805

Street Lights

2413 E Rechter RD

Case Date:

We live at 2513 E. Rechter. The street light that is a few houses east (around 2413) is burned out leaving that stretch of sidewalk very dark. Thank you!

closed #181779

Unsafe Buildings

702 S Wynnwood LN

Case Date:

There are multiple issues. This home is abandoned. The floor in front of the door is missing and someone can fall directly into the basement. Many dead trees and branches on property. The front door and many windows are wide open. Garage doors have been vandalized and sprayed with graffiti. I have many other photos and can send them if needed.

closed #181684

Excessive Growth

939 S High ST

Case Date:

Weeds growing over sidewalk making it impossible to walk on sidewalk along High St

closed #181602

Blocked Sidewalk

911 S High ST

Case Date:

Overgrown ornamental grasses are blocking the sidewalk on High, forcing pedestrians into the street. This is a high-traffic, high pedestrian use corridor. Grasses overgrow the sidewalk every year at this time.

closed #181501

Temporary Signage w/o permit

2199 E Moores PIKE

Case Date:

College Movers along with many other derivatives of that name, all owned and operated Braden Trimpe of Bloomington. Apparently, he believes he can put his signs everywhere. This is on Moores and Hillside. Please begin citing these abusers.

closed #181205

Street Lights

2405 E Rechter RD

Case Date:

The street light outside our home burnt out recently. It's one of the few on our street, which is now very dark. I was hoping it could be fixed or replaced or something.

closed #180903

Traffic Signals

2671 E Covenanter DR

Case Date:

When headed west on Covenanter over college mall, the left turn green arrow is very faint and almost impossible to see in the daytime

closed #180517

Blocked Sidewalk

1418 S Sare RD

Case Date:

Bushes were trimmed but still low and require anyone over 5’8” to duck down to pass.

closed #180424

Blocked Sidewalk

1404 S Sare RD

Case Date:

Hedge hanging so far over sidewalk that you have to duck way down to pass. North side of street between Rensink and intersection of College Mall Rc

closed #179935

Potholes, Other Street Repair

939 S High ST

Case Date:

In front of 939 High st and along high St until you get to the corner of Woodstock - also in front of 2104 Woodstock on high st there are too many portholes and it’s hard to drive.