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Drainage or Runoff

1303 N Hancock DR

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The ditch area, and currently un-mowed area on N Hancock Drive on the west edge of Crestmont Park, is CBU Street Department area. In an effort to reduce carbon footprint by mowing this strip seasonally, to decrease stormwater runoff into the overloaded culvert during rain events and to increase sustainability, native tree growth and pollinator habitat, this area could easily be a no-mow area. There are no overhead power lines at risk of native trees growing tall in this area. In addition, during an Adopt-a-Greenspace site survey it was noted invasive Tree of Heaven is growing in several spots along this strip. The Tree of Heaven MUST be chemically controlled and not mowed or more TOH trees will emerge. Crestmont Park and surrounding Crestmont landowners are engaged in supporting their woodland landscapes. Adding a no-mow strip along N Hancock is in keeping with the surrounding greenspace. I propose this strip be slated as a no-mow area for the above reasons. Thank you. Please note, the Tree of Heaven has been mapped for Vegetation Management to control. Thank you, Gillian

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Excessive Growth

1729 W Arlington RD

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closed #180008

Excessive Growth

1803 W Arlington RD

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closed #178355

Accessibility Problem

1420 N Arlington Park DR

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I can't find my klonopin. I have been sick and have people in and out . No sure who would of took them.

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1220 N Arlington Park DR

Case Date:

Since the end of the construction on 17th St, a crosswalk sign along with its pole has been lying on the ground. Several times, because it was an obstacle on the sidepath, I moved it to the side. The crosswalk is over 17th St just east of N Arlington Park Dr. It has curb cuts for a cross walk while it's not painted in the street. The sign should be either put up or taken away.

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Potholes, Other Street Repair

150 W 17th St, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

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Deep narrow pothole beside square donuts.

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Traffic Related Complaints

1600 W 17th ST

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The noise from a constant flow of dump trucks and motorcycles is intolerable. The streets and walking paths are now coated with dirt and sand that washes out from around the street lights, gravel, road trash that requires CONSTANT removal and mostly from the dirt that comes out from uncovered dump trucks servicing the Trinitas project. Our rental house sits close to the road where the noise level is unacceptable. The retaining walls cause even more noise than before. We need some speed and noise control, please. Aren't there weight limits for residential streets? Semitrucks and trailers and full dump trucks do not belong on residential streets do they? I thought that's what "highways" were for.

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Fire Hazards

1110 N Crescent RD

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Union @ Crescent Apartments 1110 N Crescent Rd, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA They have removed the handles from the outside doors to the apartments. It has been like this for over a month now. I see this as posing a potential fire/safety issue.

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1350 W 15th ST

Case Date:

Hallo, there is constant trash in the neighborhood from the dumpster provided by the housing authority for the residents of the section 8 housing. I have contacted the housing authority before, but nothing has been done. Just yesterday I was collecting from inside my fenced yard styrofoam that 30 minutes ago was put in the dumpster. If you walk around the neighborhood today you will that there is styrofoam scattered around the area. Also, one of the doors in the dumpster is broken. Thank you

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Blocked Sidewalk

1503 W Arlington RD

Case Date:

North side of 2nd St: 1210 E 2nd Sidewalk blocked by sandbags and damaged concrete that is a tripping hazard.