City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #180296

Line of Sight

1117 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Bushes growing along sidewalk block line of sight turning out of alley

closed #179921

Excessive Growth

714 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Grass and weeds over 2 feet tall at old hospital properties.

closed #179700

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1113 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Entrance to the alley and the sidewalk are super messed up. Cars are scrapping bottom

closed #179699

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1117 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Pothole forming in the alley way on the way out to rogers street

closed #179656


300 W Hillside DR

Case Date:

Homeless Camp, trash and clothes everywhere. By the dog park. On the southside of the park.

closed #179481


828 W Dixie ST

Case Date:

trash overflowing from dumpster, filling up ditch, door set across ditch to allow passage from Dixie to Walker.

closed #179012


1105 S Fairview ST

Case Date:

Please empty overflowing dog waste container in front of townhouses

closed #178809

Street Snow Removal

717 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Streets around the old hospital have been neglected in snow plowing. There are elderly residents who live in the area and an ambulance has been called in at least one instance with the snow. Residents would like the streets to be clear of snow.

closed #178714

Traffic Signals

1133 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

Eastbound Patterson left turn arrow for Rogers north cycles green every time regardless of whether or not there's a car.

open #178688

Bus Services (Bloomington Transit)

919 S Rogers ST

Case Date:

The bus stop at this location was vandalized over a month ago and all the glass panes removed. This is the closest stop to my house, and the temperatures with wind chill have been terrible recently. Please replace the glass panes in this structure promptly; it would be very much appreciated by members of your community and Bloomington Transit Users.