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City Construction Projects

1907 S Sussex DR

Case Date:

Fiber construction contractors (AEG?) were in our neighborhood (Sycamore Knolls) at the start of October. They've since moved on, but left open holes and piping sticking out the ground all over the place. These were visible, but with the falling leaves they have become numerous trip hazards spread throughout the neighborhood.

closed #185842

Debris Removal

2305 S Sussex DR

Case Date:

I am a storm drain volunteer for the Utility Department for Sussex Drive and Queensway from High St to Montclair and have been tracking broken asphalt pavement that might enter or block the storm drains and storm sewers by collecting broken pavement. I have collected a second load of broken pavement that is on the east/mail box side of my driveway at 2305 Sussex Dr. The pile weighs about 134 ponds could a City Street crew pick up the pile for recycling and reuse?

closed #185698


2110 E Wimbleton LN

Case Date:

Trash has not been picked up on the 2100 block of Wimbleton Ln

closed #185584

Street & Traffic Signs

2700 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

Stop sign on the corner of e rock creek drive and rock creek circle needs to be replaced, damaged.

closed #185557

Blocked Sidewalk

2225 S High ST

Case Date:

Sidepath running along the north side of Rogers is overgrown with weeds, including several prominent patches of poison ivy. Most of the problem areas are near the bridge over Jackson Creek. This hasn't been cleaned up at all this summer. Is the City responsible for keeping this cleared?

closed #185517

Street Lights

2212 S Sussex DR

Case Date:

The street light on the corner of our property is out. I believe there are several lights on the north part of s. Sussex that our out as well.

closed #185252

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2320 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

Since the storm Friday night, our toilets and sink are gurgling and not flushing well. We have a manhole in front of our house and another one next door at the corner of Rock Creek and Montclair. It seems like we have a clog from that storm. The neighbors across the street are having the same issue. Thank you.

closed #185073

Street Lights

1650 S Sycamore CT

Case Date:

Street light inoperative

closed #184714

Animal Control & Neglected Pets

2219 S Montclair AVE

Case Date:

There's a dead squirrel on the street in front of this address.

closed #184669


2225 S High ST

Case Date:

Fallen tree limb on the Rogers Rd multiuse path.