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closed #170662

Water Quality

4015 S Crane CT

Case Date:

Water still leaking after it was dug up.

closed #149961

Water Quality

Case Date:

I reported on December 14 about a chemical bad taste to our tap water for the last several weeks. I just checked on this page for an answer and saw that the report was closed. I do not think that is an answer to my complaint. Do you just arbitrarily close complains without answering your customers? Not good customer service!

closed #149906

Water Quality

Case Date:

Our tap water has a bad taste for the last few weeks. Tastes chemically!

closed #147076

Water Quality

889–1021 S College Mall Rd

Case Date:

After seeing the water run clear all summer in Jackson Creek (I think that's what runs in front of the Shoppes on College Mall Rd.) this morning the water was very muddy and there was the smell of dead fish. Since there has not been rain recently it seems like something has been dumped in there. Something doesn't seem right about it anyway.