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Hi there! My name is Melanie Nelson, I work in environmental services for Daly City. Our department is putting together a workshop on water conservation in the home as part of our "Going Green" series. We see it as a great way to protect the environment while also educating the community and saving them money, it's a win-win-win situation! Your page, http://bloomington.in.gov/waterwise , has been awesome as a guide for the event planning committee, and we can't thank you enough for posting it! The reason I'm emailing you is because a local middle school class has been helping us with the endeavor as a volunteer project and they (very proudly, I might add) found a great article here: http://www.improvenet.com/a/water-conservation-at-home . The article is a basic overview for children on water conservation in the home and its benefits, with links to several great sources for both children and adults. I think the kids would be absolutely stoked if you were to post a link to the article on your page, they love to help out wherever they can, and seeing the link on your page would show them that they've made a difference and their actions have had an impact (however small). Please let me know if this is a possibility and I look forward to hearing back from you soon! Thanks again! -Melanie

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Re: Communication about Boil Water Alert for 7th St., 9/6/21. I did not know that there was a boil water alert for my street until, by accident, I found out about it. I'm even signed up for alerts from Monroe County, but I never received one. If you're new to Btown or even if you're not and you've never encountered a boil water alert or even if you have--if you don't know about the Monroe Cty. alert system or if that doesn't work well (I couldn't even find the alert on the Co. website), or you can't manage digital stuff, there's no way you'd be prompted to check for an alert, and that could have serious health consequences. In this time of public health crises and awareness, that's critical. Please implement an effective communications system as soon as possible so that all residents are sure to be alerted and can protect their health. Thank you.