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Water Utility Billing Problems

320 W 8th ST

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We have recently purchased the home at 835 Sheridan Dr. Bloomington. I would like to pay the water bill for this online as we are not fully moved there yet. I can't find my account number anywhere on any of the emails that you have sent me. Please let me know the account number so that I can pay this bill. thanks, Carl & Connie Johnson

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Water Utility Billing Problems

634 N Maple ST

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I did not receive my bill this month and it is not on the website, but I already made my payment with a surcharge, only the balance due appears. I have had months of harassment on my account first charging me 28 to 40 dollars in my bill, the cover of my water meter was out of place for days and then I went to the office where they shouted to me that it was my fault the wrong size of my garbage cart and now not only does not get my receipt, you do not put it on the internet paging for me to know, now that you are charging me. Someone knows why and can inform me?

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Water Utility Billing Problems

512 E 15th ST

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My roommates and I have discovered that there was a leak with one of our toilets which caused it to continously run. So after we received our first month water bill we noticed that the bill was outrageously high and we immediately called the landlord to fix the leak. Since there was a leak, I am requesting a water bill appeal form if possible. Thank you.