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Water Utility Problems

4109 S Clear View DR

Case Date:

We have very little water pressure on the South Side (Clear View Drive). Are you aware of a water main break issue in the area?

closed #169547

Water Utility Problems

4251 S Mallard CT

Case Date:

Extremely low water pressure in my home.

closed #169094

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

3807 S Preston CT

Case Date:

The street drain and field drain on Preston Ct does not appear to be able to properly handle large amounts of rain fall. It is common for both to become overwhelmed, especially the field drain in the back of 3807 Preston Ct. these drains need to be cleaned and inspected for proper sizing. Water flow out of field drain appears o be insufficient.

closed #167366

Drainage or Runoff

1676 S Olive ST

Case Date:

There is no drainage system on Olive street just south of Hillside. Additionally, Ridgemont Ct runoff gathers here as well. Cars try to drive through wich causes waves to sending more water into the effected houses. 18" in the street. Years of neighbors and past residents call for help have garnered no response from the city.

closed #166413

Water Utility Problems

2771 E Ciana CT

Case Date:

Received notification that water pressure would be reduced on Friday, 11/2, 10a-2p due to intersection work at E Rhorer/S Walnut Pike. Water pressure is worse today (Saturday 11/3) and no one is working at the intersection.