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City Performance

2801 S Leonard Springs RD

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Due to the recent re-paving of Leonard Springs Rd, all water drainage that used to bypass my house now floods directly into my driveway, yard, and garage. I am concerned that my house will flood in the current heavy rain. Please advise.

closed #168636

City Performance

3811 N Kinser PIKE

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Water utilities shut off water and is still billing me.

closed #169152

City Performance

620 W 8th ST

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Do the new water meters finally mean we can be billed by the gallon as opposed to the present archaic system of thousands of gallons, which is exceptionally adverse to water conservation incentives as well as basic economic fairness. Please say yes. It's such an easy change to make. Even X for every hundred gallons is a vast improvement and perhaps easier to transition to.

closed #170890

City Performance

1019 W 14th ST

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Is there any chance that the City would beautify (i.e. remove the rusty fence, cut the weeds, and mow nicely) the property on Monroe St near Tri-North where the water tank used to be?