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closed #185604

Water Quality

2608 E Edwards ROW

Case Date:

Water is running a reddish brown.

closed #184418

Drainage or Runoff

2214 E 7th ST

Case Date:

Storm sewers are blocked by debris on the streets causing water backup on the road. The street needs to be cleaned and debris removed from storm grates.

closed #183730

Drainage or Runoff

101 S Union ST

Case Date:

Cone and blocks are still in the storm drain on the north side of the house. This will cause pooling of water when it rains.

closed #183522

Drainage or Runoff

101 S Union ST

Case Date:

Storm drain has been blocked and will cause excessive water pooling when it rains. This is on the north side of the house-5th Street.

closed #182506

Water Utility Billing Problems

211 S Roosevelt ST

Case Date:

There was a leak over winter break in my son's rental house. The water bill was over 800 dollars. We would like to dispute this bill.

closed #181294

Water Quality

2600 E 7th ST

Case Date:

For the past week, my water has been smelling moldy and tasting terrible. Is there a boil order I am not aware of? Thank you for any information you can give me. Sincerely, Diane Evans

closed #174417

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

131 N Clark ST

Case Date:

The storm water drain located at the front of the house is flooding. I have cleaned the area, however its an issue in heavy rains. I have reported this issue previously as well. Appreciate if someone can come out and address the issue since its the only drain along the street. The drain is on the left side of the driveway. Thanks

closed #172059

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

2638 E Dekist ST

Case Date:

Third year in a row (2/8/2018 # 163027, 2/8/2019 #167355), when the fatberg grows just downstream from me, the city delivers hundreds of gallons of sewage into my basement. This year was a new high water: 6-7 inches. It is sewer, not my house backing up... It is because of a flaw in the connections just downstream from me. The city has closed the previous reports as "Resolved" without my consent. This is obviously not resolved. I'd much rather have Bloomington spend money on fixing this, rather than attorney fees, but without quick resolution, this year, I will proceed.