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Drainage or Runoff

1219 E Allendale DR

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Can't get a photo to upload to uReport. There appears to be a minor water leak coming from under the edge of the asphalt at the corner of Bainbridge and Allendale. Curb has been holding water for a while and there seems to be a small but increasing flow.

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

3807 S Preston CT

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The street drain and field drain on Preston Ct does not appear to be able to properly handle large amounts of rain fall. It is common for both to become overwhelmed, especially the field drain in the back of 3807 Preston Ct. these drains need to be cleaned and inspected for proper sizing. Water flow out of field drain appears o be insufficient.

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Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

3519 S Tudor LN

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We had our basement flood (wet carpet in half the basement) on January 20, 2017 without any previous sign of leakage on that side of the house. The source of the water is unclear, but I'm wondering if the home (built ca. 1973) has a footer drain connected to the storm drain. Kevin Potter is coming out to inspect for structural damage at 2 pm today (1/25/17) The city storm drain was updated within the past two years with the new pipe starting at the down-slope corner of our property. The neighbor two houses up-slope from us discharges a lot of water from his property and had excavation work done near the end of his french drain on the 18th or 19th. Part of this work involved off and onloading a sizeable backhoe in front of our driveway near where the old and new drain pipe would be joined. I'm not sure what work the neighbor had done. In addition to his drainage, the neighbor immediately down slope from us was also draining his pool into the storm drain on what had been a very rainy week. Is it possible to send a city employee out to see whether some combination of these activities has caused the drainage system to fail or otherwise backflow into our house? Thanks!

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Drainage or Runoff

3526 S Tudor LN

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This was originally a trouble report left on T&D voice mail on 5/22/14. I visited the site on 5/23 and met with her husband. They have had storm water problems since they moved into the house in 1999. During heavy rain storms, the water flows over the drive and into the garage. They have tried different things and currently have to keep sand bags in front of the garage door but the water still sometimes goes over them.