City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #41837

City Construction Projects

1103 N Woodburn AVE

Case Date:

Letter stated Mr. Schatz feels that a crack (leak) in his pvc pipe connector to meter was caused by damage during construction. Customer had break repaired but received extra large water bill. Wants matter investigated and adjustment made.

closed #64436

Temporary Signage w/o permit

1603 E 3rd ST

Case Date:

Ms. Erskine came in to pay her bill and left a letter stating that she felt a sign should be on the Service Control Center identifying this department as the water co. (or utilities co.).

closed #38255

Water Utility Billing Problems

3508 E Morningside DR

Case Date:

Letter states his basement was flooded. Several days later he noticed that toilet was leaking. He turned off that water. He is claiming adjustment on bill for sewage that did not go through drain and a review by USB.

closed #41490

Water Utility Billing Problems

301 E 7th ST

Case Date:

Mr. Loncaric wrote as representative of Lincoln Place Homeowners Assoc. A leak developed in assn's pump unit with little or no water usage on assn. meter since mid October 2002. Mr. Loncaric is requesting a credit of difference of $169.57 for water which was absorbed into ground and did not enter sewage system.

closed #33763

Water Utility Billing Problems

1115 N College AVE

Case Date:

Letter rec'd. and phone call rec'd. stating that Mr. Vencel would like to appear water and wastewater bills for August and September 2004. They do not feel there were any leaks and want to appeal.

closed #101715

Water Utility Billing Problems

625 N Walnut ST

Case Date:

Barb Ooley, Ofc. Coord. for L. A. Merry & Assoc., requested an adjustment on their acct. #67228, because sprinkler for L. A. Merry & Assoc. had faulty programming. Large amount of water was consumed but did not go through sewer.

closed #52501

Water Utility Problems

420 E Brownstone DR

Case Date:

Recd. letter from Jessica Schulman on 10/5 re. large consumption of water in June 2000 and $200.00 bill received. Referred to Customer Service for investigation.