City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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3854 S Mill Stone CT

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The bike path along Sare Road south of the intersection with Olcott is rapidly deteriorating due to continuous water flow over the path that washes dirt, branches and rocks onto the path. Something needs to be done to divert this water away from the path. In the winter the water freezes, leaving the path coated with a sheet of ice. Very dangerous for bikes and pedestrians.

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Clear creek trail from church lane to tap road needs over hanging limbs and side growth trimmed back. Also the trail itself needs attention as several places have debrie from storms. I reported this about a week ago but nothing happen. A gentleman riding his bicycle was dodging an overhead branch just north of the water fountain and hit a small branch lying on the trail which caused him to wreck. He was not injured. Thank you

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The water fountain (doggie fountain portion) on the Clear Creek trail that is halfway between That Rd. and Rockport Rd. (Just behind the house at the end of Dove Dr on the trail) is not functioning. It has not been functioning all year at all since it was turned on in the spring. Our pets out walking could use a little repair help please :) Thanks, Kevin