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closed #165741


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Water fountains (x2) (drinking for people) not working in front of Showers Building.

closed #155984

Water Utility Problems

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Water fountain runs continuously at park ridge east park

closed #132781


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Two white males were observed using chalk to write ideological/hate graffiti on the sidewalk in from of Merrill Hall on the IU campus at around noon on Saturday July 13, 2013. The messages included obscene language and were directed at feminists, modernists, and homosexuals. Each message ended withe the URL TRADYOUTH.ORG. I was seated nearby as the vandalism took place and took two photographs as they were writing, but I can't upload the photos using this mobile site. After they left my husband and I used water to obliterate the obscene portions of the messages. Is someone can send me an email address I will forward rhe photos.