City of Bloomington, Indiana


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Water Quality

305 E 9th ST

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Water quality change after city changed water system recently; both my roommate and I have been having problems with our skin. We are over by Lincoln and 10th street

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Street Snow Removal

407 1/2 N Dunn ST

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One of the houses near us pumps their water on to the street as well as Alice street, creating ice and slush. At least five cars have gotten stuck on the street in the past two days.

closed #166234

Water Quality

510 N Lincoln ST

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Hi, My roommate and I have been experiencing skin problems (i.e. dryness, flaking and a lot of sudden acne when we both have never had acne) for the past couple weeks and we have ruled out any other changes we have made. We were notified by our landlord that the city of Bloomington was making changes in the water system, and when we went home out of state for a week, the skin problems resolved. Thank you for your time!

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Drainage or Runoff

519 E 10th ST

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Please indicate if you have any current or archived records pertaining to current or historic septic tank systems, monitoring wells, drinking water wells, underground or aboveground storage tanks, hazardous waste storage or disposal, or any other records of environmental significance. Thank you.