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closed #171713

Biking & Walking

2204 W Arlington RD

Case Date:

The bike path on the side of Arlington Ave. between 17th and North st. has some very rough sections and pot holes that hold water making navigation difficult and dangerous after a storm.

closed #187829


3521 N Valleyview DR

Case Date:

The renter has had eight tires sitting in front of his garage since August of 2023. He has been asked to remove them but he only parked his huge white SUV in front of them. 1. they are unsightly 2. during the warm months the mosquitos will breed in the trapped water.

closed #172103

Blocked Sidewalk

557 N Park Ridge RD

Case Date:

603 557 n park ridge road. Between these two houses muddy pool of water several inches deep on sidewalk. Not sure if broken pipe or just horribly maintained but not passable and definitely not wheelchair access.