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closed #177888

Excessive Growth

2304 S Ford AVE

Case Date:

Home owner has excessive growth in back yard. Home owner also has two untreated, unfiltered, and un-serviced pits in the back yard that fill with rain water and are left standing. Referred to as "ponds". This has caused an increase in critters and bugs in the area. I would like this request to remain anonymous please...

closed #162284


2431 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

abandon residence entered by homeless, no electricity, water, heat graffiti on exterior of building. unable to find current owner via Monroe county GIS to request clean up and to secure building doors and windows broken into i am sure that soon it will become a health issue it already is a eye sore to to the area, now that it has been tagged by graffiti it is a open invitation to vandals to spread throughout the area i would like to request that the owners be required to clean up the area

closed #184346

Unsafe Buildings

2701 S Madison ST

Case Date:

this building has been abandoned for quite some time. The utilities aren't even on (public records). Within the last couple weeks a group of people have moved in with quite a few dogs and puppies. They made a fence out of wire but the dogs keep getting out and roaming the neighborhood and being aggressive towards the neighbors. They've moved things out into the yard including a toilet. How are they living in this unit when there is no running water or electricity. Where are they going to the bathroom and how are they taking care of all these pets without running water. People are also coming and going all day. Parking their cars in the yard. The two constant people living there are often fighting and screaming at eachother late at night and causing a scene. This should not be allowed to continue. This unit should be condemned and knocked down.

closed #184694

Unsafe Buildings

2701 S Madison ST

Case Date:

The house is unsafe. Previous complaints on this address have not been addressed. They have a tarp covering a hole on the garage roof. There is trash all over the yard items that they've pulled from the trailer like a toilet that not just sits in the yard. They made a chicken wire fence to keep their dogs in but the dogs have gotten out numerous times(animal control is aware of the problem with the dogs). If they are renting from the owner then it didn't pass any kind of inspection to become a dwelling that could be rented out. It is also possible that they illegally turned the water back on to the trailer.