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closed #94962


350 S Grant ST

Case Date:

See brochure Your 2 cans of trash still exceed the 40 # limit. LDB Direct. Sanit. Drain water/dry out. 1:00 p.m.

closed #61918

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

400 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

There is what appears to be at least gray water discharging from a PVC pipe on the east edge of this property. The flow is going over the sidewalk and into the street.

closed #98438


801 E 2nd ST

Case Date:

Recyclable items not properly sorted. Sort paper from other bin is half full of water.

closed #131822

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

806 S Stull AVE

Case Date:

A number of neighbors on our street have noticed the storm drains at 806 & 809 S. Stull appear to be clogged. We can see the stagnant water through the grate and it is above the culvert pipe and is just standing there. Please see attached photo. We are concerned about mosquito breeding and drain overflow into the street during heavy rain. Please send someone out to fix the situation. Many Thanks!

closed #101427


832 E 2nd ST

Case Date:

appliance-hot water heater, appliances are picked up on last friday of each month, please call Larry D. Barker 349-3410 to schedule for pick-up

closed #99973


902 S Fess AVE

Case Date:

Exceeds weight limit of 40 lbs. TOO havy please break down or drain water out THANKS 954