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Water Utility Billing Problems

104 N Hampton CT

Case Date:

customer called about the fire protection charge on a hydrant meter he has rented. He says he was only quoted the min. water service charge of 30.87 and not the additional 17.45 for the fire protection. I explained to him that the fire protection is a meter base charge for every meter. He still feels he shouldn't have to pay it since he says that amount was not quoted to him. He wanted someone with higher authority than myself to contact him.

closed #45273

Water Utility Billing Problems

3514 E Morningside DR

Case Date:

Mr. Morgan talked to Paula Dodds re. his water bill. He had water disconnected and then reconnected in 1/02. He was just billed the $18 in May and wants to complain about that. He also wants to complain about the stormwater charge.

closed #41240

Water Utility Billing Problems

400 1/2 W 11th ST

Case Date:

Mr. Wright feels that a large bill he received was fault of his water meter. Meter was checked & found to be working properly. Mr. Wright wants to take this matter to USB for review.

closed #40259

Water Utility Billing Problems

4154 E Hector DR

Case Date:

Customer is very upset about the fact of having to pay a higher rate for their irrigation water vs their house water. Also, they were surprised about the $18 fee to have the meter s/o in the fall because we used to not charge a "disconnect" fee only a "reconnect" fee in the Spring. I explained to her the policy had changed, and to avoid paying the service fees over the Winter she would have the $18 s/o in the Fall and the $18 turn on in the Spring. I let her know each trip was a svc call.