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open #185610

Water Utility Problems

1006 E Heather DR

Case Date:

My water bill seems higher than usual. Is there a way to check if I have a leak or issue with my meter?

open #181396

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

1014 E Wylie ST

Case Date:

Water/sewage is coming up into our house from the street. This happened a month or two or three ago, right after the city did some work on the main in the street (2 large spots visible in picture). A plumber confirmed both times that there is no backup between the house and the street, and he got the drain snake/declogger to go into the hole (white on the left side of the driveway/this image near the bottom of the driveway) 21 feet (I have a video, separately showing the measurements) or more both times. This time he wasn't able to get the hole unclogged in the street, so it is an urgent situation for us. We are pretty sure the guys who dug in the street to remain a main caused the issue because we never had a problem before then, and the first backup into the house was a couple of weeks after that this summer. We would like the city to come scope it and fix it ASAP please. The plumber suspects that the jackhammering and digging that the big trucks did in the street caused a partial or full collapse, given where the backup seems to be from what he can tell. Please let us know when you might be able to look at it. We have little kids and really need to be able to use water in the house. Thank you!

open #179531

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1022 S Grant ST

Case Date:

Our alley way floods when there are heavy floods. The neighbors who share this alley are concerned and ask for the city to assess this situation and find a solution. Please contact me for more information. One of the neighbors has a video to share of the water flow. Thanks

open #172010

Drainage or Runoff

1104 S Covenanter DR

Case Date:

The new builders on the corner of Covenanter Drive and High Street installed a pipe last week. Our concern is that the pipe was not installed low enough to keep the flow of water continuing to High street and beyond. With the rainy season coming...we are concerned that the pipe will make water back up on our property. The city just spent two weeks closing off High street to fix this issue and now we are concerned that the new builders have just put something in (but not properly installed it) so they could have a little rock culvert to get to their property off of Covenanter Drive. I sent an email to Vic Kelson and Brandon Prince on Thursday, but never heard back from them. I am writing again because we would like this matter to be taken care of now before they get more involved with building and it is too late to fix the problem. I would appreciate if somebody would get back with me on this matter. Thank you.

open #182248

Utilities Construction

1205 S Collinswood DR

Case Date:

My water is off. There has been work in the area, but no communication about it. No work occurring today. I am quite disturbed that it appears I might be without water for a while with no information about it.

open #180941

Potholes, Other Street Repair

1503 S Dorchester DR

Case Date:

8" water valve cover popped off at Hillside & Dorchester. Eastbound lane of Hillside. Cover at base of stopsign/streetsign SE corner of intersection. This is the 3rd time I've reported this in just over a week (1st 2x's by phone). Why don't you replace with a cover that can be LOCKED DOWN to keep it in place?

open #176251

Drainage or Runoff

1570 W Edinburgh BND

Case Date:

We have had a drainage issue here for 20 years and I have asked for help many times and no one will do anything to help us. Our grate is a poor design and gets clogged by yard debris from areas of the neighborhood and caused our area to flood. Tonight we were home to pull the grate to allow for water to recede and not go further into our garage to our house. Would someone please listen to us. We have reported this several times and also in person. We are afraid to be away from our home if there is a serious storm in the area.

open #181664

Sewer Problems (Sanitary Sewers)

1639 S Sycamore CT

Case Date:

Sewage water backing up into my basement. I have checked all of my own plumbing (bathroom in basement; water heater; washer) and everything seems to be in good shape. I have identified water coming (in reverse) out of the drain that services my AC/Furnace. That sewer water then makes its way to my basement floor drain and exits. I have obseved that at heavier usage times (when 2 of us are in the shower and the washer is on) the drain is unable to keep up and thus water ends up on the floor of my basement. This has been happening for about 4-5 days now.

open #167365

Drainage or Runoff

1676 S Olive ST

Case Date:

There is no drainage system on Olive street just south of Hillside. Additionally, Ridgemont Ct runoff gathers here as well. Cars try to drive through wich causes waves to sending more water into the effected houses. 18" in the street. Years of neighbors and past residents call for help have garnered no response from the city.

open #172602

Drainage or Runoff

175 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Water doesn't drain at all at this drain site. It pools in the street, and runs downhill overwhelming the drainage capacity on the other side of the circle down by 170 E Sunny Slopes Dr.