City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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Drainage or Runoff

175 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Water doesn't drain at all at this drain site. It pools in the street, and runs downhill overwhelming the drainage capacity on the other side of the circle down by 170 E Sunny Slopes Dr.

closed #177504

Water Quality

155 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Our tap water has a strong smell and taste of mildew. I don't know about water safety, but at this point we can't even use it for cooking, brushing our teeth, or making coffee, let alone drink it.

closed #178908

Water Quality

135 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Water coming through faucets and toilet fills is very dark copper colored.

closed #176492

Water Utility Problems

125 E Sunny Slopes DR

Case Date:

Loss of water supply pressure to the entire property. Water supply is present, but reduced to about 5% of normal pressure