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Parking Permits

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I'm an IU senior who lives on 217 S Lincoln in town. My apartment doesn't have parking for all of its tenants this year, all nearby garage lots are full, and monthly parking lots are being rented out by the local churches and businesses. I have tried for weeks to find a parking spot even remotely close to my apartment and hoped that The City would be able to issue me a Zone 9 permit since that is the closest zone to my apartment (within blocks). Today I was turned away and told "you either live in the zone or you don't, so there are no other options." I am incredibly appalled that The City has no means to help and is not willing to accept the money of a county citizen who is in a desperate situation to find parking. The City doesn't have to care about my specific situation or plight, but it should care about the well-being and security of the masses. I know I am not the only person in my neighborhood who is having such an issue. Parking should be an essential living item--like food, water, and shelter. Adequate and nearby parking is quite often a NECESSITY in order for people to get to work, to keep their jobs, to earn an income, to visit their families, to maintain a routine. It is senseless, unorganized, and uncivil for The City to claim to put such an emphasis on city parking yet not provide a zone for all areas of town NOR allow a resident to receive a permit for the closest zone to their residence. Come on, Bloomington, who are you helping if you're not out to help everyone?

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Blocked Street

1002 E Atwater AVE

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Sat. morning I woke up to see the outline of an RV in the alley. When I went to take the photo, there was another car behind it, which subsequently moved. I was told by my neighbor that the RV had arrived Fri. night. As I was taking a photo, the owner came out and I informed him that he should move his car because it was in the public alley. He looked at me like I was insane, and then asked why. I also said he was parked next to my fence, where there is a large sign that says "No Trespassing," put up on the advice of Officer Dilts of the BPD. He then proceeded to spit out his toothpaste and water from his mouth onto the green area near the fence under the aforementioned sign. I do not know whether this green area is my property or the public alley, which is one reason we have been requesting that the City demarcate the public alley. I was also appalled by the nastiness. he remained parked in the alley until Sunday afternoon. I am asking for relief from the nonstop use of the public alley as the private backyard of this illegal frat (see Planning for their "Cease to function as a frat" NOV, which was sent twice to them with a final date of "by October 10, 2017." As is obvious from all the various Ureports I have written, most of their illegal parking occurs when no one is available at Parking. And when someone does come, the cars are not ticketed. I believe that only fines will discourage this constant viavai of cars and RVs. In addition to the fear that my fence would be damaged, the RV was hooked up to the house so that there was a motor/generator? going constantly and making constant noise. I am asking for you to come up with a solution to the private use of this public alley - a No Parking sign with towing and ticketing promised, or to vacate the alley so that the illegal frat can have their half to use as they please and we the homeowners at 1003 and 1005 E. Hunter may have our half to use as we please.