City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #179706

Drainage or Runoff

419 S Highland AVE

Case Date:

water draining into alley and into sidewalk area created pools.

closed #179493

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

2414 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

The storm drain in front of my house clogs repeatedly. This is the storm drain on the south side of the street. Please replace the old storm drain grill with a more modern one like the one across the street. Today the water was backed up so high that it took me 5 minutes of work just to find the grill so that I could clear it.

closed #179206

Water Utility Problems

2621 E Bradford Ct. Bloomington, IN

Case Date:

I and others in the area have experienced a decrease in water pressure since the March 6-7 overnight and early morning storms.

closed #179190

Water Utility Problems

2450 E Moffett LN

Case Date:

On the morning of 3/7 (after a night of storms) we noticed that our home’s water pressure has been significantly reduced. There is barely enough pressure to use the shower. I have asked neighbors in the area, and they are reporting similar issues.

closed #179188

Water Utility Problems

2789 E Crabapple CIR

Case Date:

After Sunday's night storm there is low to no water pressure. I have investigated and cannot find or hear any leaks.

closed #178891

Utilities Construction

3425 S Cedarwood CIR

Case Date:

This is more of a question after some recent work done by my property to fix a water main leak. As you can see from the image, there is some damage done to the lawn by heavy equipment used during the process. I was wondering if the city is going to help fix some of that or whether the responsibility lies on me. Also, is there any plan to re-pave part of the street that was drilled through to fix the underground water leak? Guessing yes once it is warmer outside? Thanks!

closed #178577

Water Utility Problems

2426 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

Returned home late from the hospital and found water flowing across the sidewalk between our house & neighbors’, near the water shutoff & sewer cover.

closed #178539

Water Utility Problems

311 E 1st ST

Case Date:

I have no water this morning.

closed #178498

Water Utility Problems

1606 S Oakdale DR

Case Date:

No water.

closed #178263

Water Utility Problems

3416 S Mcdougal CT

Case Date:

I believe water company looked at this last summer 2020 and were unable to find the leak. Just want to report that the leak appears to be getting worse -- the attached image is what it looks like 24/7. And it's starting to become a driving/walking hazard as the weather starts to turn colder. Hoping someone can take another look to see if this can be fixed before our cul de sac becomes an ice skating rink. :) Thanks