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closed #178617

Potholes, Other Street Repair

609 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

Alley way running along the covered parking edge between Henderson and Fess Ave running along the side of 609 Henderson and 612 S Fess Ave- large potholes throughout the alley pooling water

closed #178577

Water Utility Problems

2426 E Rock Creek DR

Case Date:

Returned home late from the hospital and found water flowing across the sidewalk between our house & neighbors’, near the water shutoff & sewer cover.

closed #178552

Animal Control

6360 S Fairfax RD

Case Date:

This man named Adam Naugle is containing birds of prey (falcons) within his property and doesn’t let them out. At least one has died from his neglect. He has lost at least 6 raptors because of his neglect as well. He currently has a dog under one year of age that he regularly abuses. The dog shows abuse reactive tendencies towards this man (running and yelping if he raises a hand). He has body slammed her bc she peed in the house bc he doesn’t let her out for over 12 hrs or she chews something bc he leaves her without food, water, or toys in his truck for long periods. This man should never be allowed to own pets again. He also owes the IRS because he does not pay his taxes properly. Beware the man does own many guns and some are illegal including a sawed off shot gun.

closed #178539

Water Utility Problems

311 E 1st ST

Case Date:

I have no water this morning.

closed #178498

Water Utility Problems

1606 S Oakdale DR

Case Date:

No water.

closed #178413

Potholes, Other Street Repair

609 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

The alley running along 609 Henderson between Henderson & Fess has multiple large potholes in the gravel that are pooling water & hard to avoid

closed #178288

Water Quality

1150 S Clarizz BLVD APT 380

Case Date:

Other: water is causing hair to feel brittle and cannot brush; causing hair to fall out in clumps

closed #178263

Water Utility Problems

3416 S Mcdougal CT

Case Date:

I believe water company looked at this last summer 2020 and were unable to find the leak. Just want to report that the leak appears to be getting worse -- the attached image is what it looks like 24/7. And it's starting to become a driving/walking hazard as the weather starts to turn colder. Hoping someone can take another look to see if this can be fixed before our cul de sac becomes an ice skating rink. :) Thanks

closed #178243

Parks & Rec Buildings

1601 S Rogers St, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

Case Date:

The skate park drain is clogged so water is just sitting there when it hasn't rained in a while.

closed #178101

Drainage or Runoff

915 E Commons DR

Case Date:

Fire Hydran in yard at 946 Commons Drive in Sherwood Green is dripping water from three plugs. Dripping is steady but not gushing. Just a steady drip, drip, drip from each plug.