City of Bloomington, Indiana – John Hamilton, Mayor


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closed #183993

Water Utility Problems

2423 S Brittany LN

Case Date:

Our water has randomly shut off as well as my neighbors.

closed #183894

Water Utility Problems

3729 S Mcdougal ST

Case Date:

No water from any faucets

closed #183893

Water Utility Problems

3830 S Mcdougal ST

Case Date:

Tap water not running. No water in the house.

closed #183800

Illegal Discharge (Storm Sewers)

501 S Mitchell ST

Case Date:

Water is slowly but continuosly leaking from the house at 501 South Mitchell across the Eastside neighborhood pocket park into the storm water runoff ditch. The leak location is close to the house's sewer cleanout and so possibly a sewage leak.

closed #183677

Illegal Discharge (Storm Sewers)

986 S Copper Beech WAY

Case Date:

Black water or gray water is bubbling up from the pavement right above Basswood Drive at the above address, it's pouring into the stormwater drain

closed #183614

Utilities Construction

1709 E Circle DR

Case Date:

Water near hydrant all the time. Either slow leak or natural spring?

closed #183532

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

2626 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

looking for resolution from previous case #182211. Can someone please reach out to me about a curb potentially going around my property to stop the trucks, cars, and standing water from eating away at my yard.

closed #183481

Drainage or Runoff

2001 E Marilyn DR

Case Date:

We continue to have storm water pooling in the drain in front of our house. We appreciate having the drain; would hope there would be a simple solution to mitigate the risk of pooling of storm water - in particular the risk of mosquitoes and the public health risk the bring - thanks - Kevin and Trudy Keough

closed #183462

Sidewalk & Curb Complaints

1234 S Fenbrook LN

Case Date:

Sidewalk covered in thick mud and water

closed #183426

Parks & Playgrounds

1001 S Henderson ST

Case Date:

The water fountain right by the Basket ball court is sticking on with water running