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Water Utility Problems

3416 S Mcdougal CT

Case Date:

I believe water company looked at this last summer 2020 and were unable to find the leak. Just want to report that the leak appears to be getting worse -- the attached image is what it looks like 24/7. And it's starting to become a driving/walking hazard as the weather starts to turn colder. Hoping someone can take another look to see if this can be fixed before our cul de sac becomes an ice skating rink. :) Thanks

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Parks & Rec Buildings

1601 S Rogers St, Bloomington, IN 47403, USA

Case Date:

The skate park drain is clogged so water is just sitting there when it hasn't rained in a while.

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Drainage or Runoff

915 E Commons DR

Case Date:

Fire Hydran in yard at 946 Commons Drive in Sherwood Green is dripping water from three plugs. Dripping is steady but not gushing. Just a steady drip, drip, drip from each plug.

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Drainage or Runoff

2525 S Bryan ST

Case Date:

two properties above us the road all the water on the road goes into the yard comes down toward are house crossing on road since it is all down hill into the neighbors beside us into my yard. it drains.in front of my garage and runs on my . about 3 to 4 inches of water on my side walk .side walk. also the road south of us also runs in neighbor east of my house also runs runs to my house. South of me there is a a large building about 40 feet long that doesn't have gutters it runs down across the road on neighbors which in turn runs toward my house. II have pictures to send in the mail which I wi8ll need to send you because I don't know how to send them in the mail. I have spent 400.00 to put a ridge to keep from running in my yard. I also had a drain dug in my drive about 4 feet from the fence running about 2 foot deep running toward the drain in the back of my house that cost me 650.00. I will write on the back of the picture that will explain what they are for when I send them thank you and I will write on the back . Also in front of garage my small car is on ramps so the water will not get my brake shoes wet and i have to not park my other car about7 feet from the garage so i can;t park a car behind my car. Thank you for taking the time to read John Arthur

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Excessive Growth

2304 S Ford AVE

Case Date:

Home owner has excessive growth in back yard. Home owner also has two untreated, unfiltered, and un-serviced pits in the back yard that fill with rain water and are left standing. Referred to as "ponds". This has caused an increase in critters and bugs in the area. I would like this request to remain anonymous please...

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Utilities Construction

2210 E Ashwood CIR

Case Date:

I am the homeowner and have recently built an attached sunroom with sinks at this address. I need to connect the water pipe from those sinks to the city sewer line, and so would like to request a detailed sewer line map of/around my property, if available. Thanks.

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Blocked Sidewalk

1303 S Rechter PL

Case Date:

The sidewalk has a serious dip and all the water collects here when it rains, making it unpassable.

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Water Quality

1506 S Dorchester DR

Case Date:

I started taking shower at about 6:10 am this morning Friday Oct 8th. Turned both hot and cold water on in tub so temperatures stabilize- after about 1min the water suddenly turned black with some "glop" that came out of tub faucet. Water gradually cleared after about 30 to 45 sec.

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Water Utility Problems

400 S Pleasant Ridge Rd.

Case Date:

No water pressure.

closed #177685

Water Quality

1272 S College Mall RD

Case Date:

Water has been tasing bad lately, much more like lake water