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open #187996

Water Utility Problems

4124 W Daniel AVE

Case Date:

Need water turned on asap

open #187976

Drainage or Runoff

1119 S Graywell DR

Case Date:

Currently there is no proper rain water drainage on one side of the entire Graywell drive road. The road is eroding on one side since rain water flows over the road. Recently we had lot of rain as well and it has further eroded one side of the road. Can Bloomington Utilities install proper rainwater drainage so that roads don't need to be repaired again and again? It would be ideal if rain water can be discharged under the road. This will save lot of road repair costs. Thank you for helping the city with your work.

open #187972

Sidewalk Requests

2704 E Brigs BND

Case Date:

The tree/roots between the sidewalk and road between 2704 and 2702 E Brigs Bnd has caused the sidewalk to tilt and hold water. This will pose an icy surface and is difficult with my walker. I also am concerned the water will cause damage to my driveway. Is this something you can look into. Thank you. V/R Kenneth Crevier

closed #187954

Utilities Construction

431 E 10th St, Bloomington, IN 47408, USA

Case Date:

Small (~7" diameter) metal access cover (valve down there?) labeled "Water" in the middle of 10th street on the east side of the intersection with Dunn is damaged, completely missing the central portion of the lid and creating a hazard if someone steps in it or a small animal falls in. There is also another one with nearly an identical problem (or completely missing) about 50 feet west at the intersection of 10th and a funny little road named "Prow".

closed #187948

City Performance

Case Date:

When we already have a flood watch, and now warning, please don't have City staff fill up their Vacall water trucks with a hydrant without a tight seal, spraying water for a long period of time and creating even more of a wet flooded mess for the yard.

closed #187936

Water Utility Billing Problems

914 E University St, Bloomington, IN 47401, EE. UU.

Case Date:

I did not get any notice whatsoever about high water usage despite the fact that a water employee evide to my property property. I am asking for a reduction in the charges. It was an internal toilet which hasbeen fixed. Please help.

closed #187935

Sewer Problems (Storm Sewers)

3008 N Ramble RD W

Case Date:

Water runoff alarm sounding @10:56 PM on 4/9/24

closed #187915

Debris Removal

3732 W Maple Leaf DR

Case Date:

Drainage ditch across street is so full of leaves & tree branches, the ditch is filling up with standing water when it rains. There's no water flowing wherever it's supposed to flow.

closed #187906

Drainage or Runoff

145 N Hillsdale DR

Case Date:

Not sure this is city or homeowner issue. Pooling water in ROW. This is the downhill side of a driveway and instead of draining it fills up after each rain, since the roadside gutter has been filled in. There are other examples of this in Green Acres. Reporting it in case something can be done.

closed #187832

Water Utility Problems

2623 N Walnut St apt 3, Bloomington, IN 47404, USA

Case Date:

No water. There hasn't been water for 2 days.