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Drainage or Runoff

2107 E Ashwood LN

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At bottom of driveway is larger patch of frozen water. We have had numerous water lines breaking and wonder if this is another? Ice patch is in curb and in street.

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Utilities Construction

2210 E Ashwood CIR

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I am the homeowner and have recently built an attached sunroom with sinks at this address. I need to connect the water pipe from those sinks to the city sewer line, and so would like to request a detailed sewer line map of/around my property, if available. Thanks.

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3512 S Ashwood DR

Case Date:

After the last heavy rain in Bloomington, I noticed a large tree next to Jackson Creek on The Goat Farm is going to fall. The roots are showing and the tree is leaning over the creek water. It looks very dangerous because sometimes the children come to play in the water and they may get hurt. If no action is taken, the tree will fall down into the water and block the creek water flowing and cause more damage later. Please see the picture attached above.

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Water Utility Problems

3415 S Ashwood DR

Case Date:

Watermain broken and leaking Ashwood Drive - water welling up out of ground at curb near 2300 S Ashwood Drive

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Water Utility Problems

2205 E Ashwood CIR

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We have had extremely low water pressure and flow since repair of water main break at the corner of Ashwood Drive and E Ashwoood circle a couple weeks ago. water often slows to a trickle, even if only one faucet on. Never had the problem before that. Is this the new normal ?